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Bluetooth Remote Control Car


Objective-To build a programmable 2 wheeled bluetooth enabled car.

Prerequistites-Basic soldering/wiring expirience

PriceAbout $30

Level of DifficultyMeduim

Materials List

All Parts Needed
◆ This is so that we can have extra power outputs/imputs if we happen to need them.
(Bluetooth Module)
◆The Bluetooth Module is so we can control the robotic car wirelessly using a bluetooh connction.
(Arduino Uno/Mega)
◆The Arduino Uno/Mega is the micro controller we are going to use to control the L289N Module and the motors.
(Gpio Pins)
◆The Gpio pins are for wiring a flowing current.
(Two DC Motors/Wheels)
◆The Motors and the wheels are for making the car move.
(L289n Module)
◆The L298n Module is a Module that allows for controlling the speed of the module.

An arduino is a small microcontroller that allows the user to control electrical devices using the programming language of C++.It is mainly used by hobbyists who want to explore electrical engineering. The video on the left will explain to you what an arduino is and it will show you the basics of how to use it . This project and alot of my other ones will require the use of one in order for it to be